October 21, 2010

Fashion Triumph or Fashion Failure?

Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist Rihanna has always been known to the world as a "trendsetter". She has transformed her looks according to the growth in her music, so now with the release of her new single "Only Girl (In the World)" her look has transformed yet again!
As I was browsing the net I came across the video for her new single release. I do have to admit......I like the song but was taken back a little with the video!!! I am a stickler for understanding concepts behind videos as well as the wardrobe conception........it really goes hand and hand. I quite frankly didn't get it!
I want all my style maven readers to see this, not to bash Rihanna (she is a phenomenal recording artist), but to get my readers Fashion Thoughts on this video.............

So to all my readers, as well as visitors, is this a Fashion Triumph or Fashion Failure? Why or Why Not?



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  1. Just like you I love the song but the video does nothing for me.....sorry RiRi but this is a FASHION FAILURE

  2. I think she is over photographed everywhere in the internet, but they don't see she's a fashion failure...she can't play with different styles , yeah she can stick to being rockish but , amaze us sometime Rihanna!She's a Music triumph I would say....

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