December 23, 2010
December 09, 2010

When we think of melodies from the Queen of Soul and R&B, we think of melodies such as "Gonna Make It" ft. Jazmine Sullivan or "Fade Away", yet she is giving us a new melody to enjoy!!
Now we cant listen to it as her past previous melodies, but it is sure to give us that edge to exude the same style as the R&B Diva!  I know your probably wondering, "Ryan, What are you talking about"? I'm speaking of Mary J's Melodies by MJB. Mary J has launched Melodies by MJB, her new sunglass line; something the R&B Diva herself is quite known for.
As pictured above wearing her own product, the line exudes style, sophistication and class, which she exudes in her own personal style.....goes to show that her sunglass collection is a direct reflection of her and her style.

Melodies by MJB come in four styles:


Red Carpet

Each style comes in various colors, so you are sure to find some that meet your style eye!! Sunglasses are by FAR my favorite Fashion Fetish; therefore, I have deemed Showtime (also comes in Gold) my favorite pair!!
Check out to see all the colors in each style and of course PURCHASE your pair of Melodies by MJB!!

December 02, 2010
"Robot&Brucling is "Rock-Chic". It is a brand of classic emotion with a touch of rock for young men and women who live a sophisticated, glamorous lifestyle with edge".
-Mission Statement

Of Course I always like to pay homage to the wonderful and many designers who make garments that take our "Fashion" breaths away and leaves us in complete and utter silence. Yet, in this post, I want to pay homage to an AMAZING design duo that designs "Fashion" silencing accessories. I am speaking about none other than Robot&Brucling, names you may or may not be familiar with just yet but definitely a name and brand that you need to familiarize yourself with!!! I recently was afforded the opportunity to "fashion" chat with the very talented duo, that didn't quite start of as a duo. "We were working on two separate projects," Brucling says. "I was doing a graphic t-shirt line, trying to launch that. Robot was actually doing a full fledge line.....with like denim, jackets, and shirts. We went to church one Sunday morning and the message was "Two is better than One" and the power of agreement. After we heard that message we were really really inspired." Brucling continues. This is the moment where two became one and the dynamic duo Robot&Brucling was formed!!

Establishing themselves in the last quarter of 2009, the journey has been filled with hard work, non stop grinding, and rewards!! One major reward came when they were asked to collaborate with Heatherette, where their AMAZING bow ties were featured in the Heatherette's Runway Show during SS '11 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York!! "How was that experience?," I asked "Definitely one that a designer would dream about, especially in the beginning," Brucling explains. "Richie Rich is a wild guy, we kinda share a similar energy. He could really see our vision", Brucling continues. This really helped the two designers merge their collection for what became a huge success. "Kinda caught us off guard", Brucling states. Despite being caught off guard the duo was able to rise to the challenge and let their talent shine, as if I would expect anything less!

Of Course when producing product that is artistic and is being produced by innovative individuals, everyone doesn't always see the vision or even appreciate it for that matter. "When your doing something you haven't necessarily seen done before, everyone is looking upon it as a brand new eye. Some people are gonna say "Oh, I love It!", some will say "Oh, I don't know", and some will say "Oh I hate it", but its really a never ending story. You just gotta take the punches along with the glory," Bruce explains. Their entire line gets nothing but glory for me, for I, myself, are on of the many people described in their mission statement (top of article) so I TOTALLY get it!!

Behind every incredible line, there is an inspiration that has help create the vision. "We are inspired by architecture, by history, by different cultures and countries", Brucling says. "A lot of things inspire us. We look to a lot of things for inspirations, sometimes you don't even have to just happens." he continues. Also taking inspiration and being inspired by the duo and brand Dolce&Gabbana, they definitely have great designer inspirations and look up to some of the very very well respected and talented in the Industry. "In a lot of ways we are just like them. We are starting off young and collaborating on ideas," Brucling says. "Its not easy to build something as a team of two creative people and staying strong and actually lasting for like decades............that takes a lot," he continues. Karl Lagerfield is another huge inspiration to this dynamic team. "We love Karl Lagerfield, we obviously love the Chanel brand", Robot says. "Its not just their attention to detail, which is something we fall in line with, but they have a timelessness to their style," he continues. The timelessness is something that has kept the Chanel brand around for soooooo long and its the individuality and artisticness that will keep Robot&Brucling around for even longer!!!

"We're not just here, we are here to stay", Robot & Brucling

Along with expanding their brand and working on a few surprises that I wouldn't dare give away, they will be showcasing in the upcoming Fashion Week in New York that's only a few months away!!!!
So as of right now you can snag your one of kind accessories on, I know I plan to!!!
Also follow them on Twitter: @RobotnBrucling

PS. I expect to have a good seat at the Robot&Brucling showcase in the upcoming Fashion Week!!!!