December 09, 2010

Melodies by MJB: A Different Type of Melody!!!!!!

When we think of melodies from the Queen of Soul and R&B, we think of melodies such as "Gonna Make It" ft. Jazmine Sullivan or "Fade Away", yet she is giving us a new melody to enjoy!!
Now we cant listen to it as her past previous melodies, but it is sure to give us that edge to exude the same style as the R&B Diva!  I know your probably wondering, "Ryan, What are you talking about"? I'm speaking of Mary J's Melodies by MJB. Mary J has launched Melodies by MJB, her new sunglass line; something the R&B Diva herself is quite known for.
As pictured above wearing her own product, the line exudes style, sophistication and class, which she exudes in her own personal style.....goes to show that her sunglass collection is a direct reflection of her and her style.

Melodies by MJB come in four styles:


Red Carpet

Each style comes in various colors, so you are sure to find some that meet your style eye!! Sunglasses are by FAR my favorite Fashion Fetish; therefore, I have deemed Showtime (also comes in Gold) my favorite pair!!
Check out to see all the colors in each style and of course PURCHASE your pair of Melodies by MJB!!


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