November 01, 2010

Top Ten Fashion Icons......

According to there are ten people, whether you love them or hate them, you cant deny that they affect the way people dress. These ten influential Fashion Icons made it unto's Top Ten Fashion Icons. To make the list its really not about what you wear. Anyone who truly knows and has style knows that is more than just a Giuseppe, Nicholas Kirkwood, Atwood shoes, or a Helmut Lang frock that defines style. Yes, all these thing are FABULOUS, but its the person who takes these pieces and makes it a style all of their own, giving it even more of a FAB POWER, that defines a style thats influential. has deemed 10 people that do just that!!
The list is as follows:
                                                                        Carine Roitfeld

                                                                           Jennifer Lopez

Daphne Guinness

Rachel Zoe

Lady Gaga

Chloe Sevigny

Sarah Jessica Parker

The Olsons

Kate Moss

Michelle Obama

Now the only thing I am wondering is, "Where are the men"? I feel there are many men that have a heavy style influence to the many male style mavens that do exist! I will give credit, I do feel the list is quite adequate, though I don't agree with all the names.
What is your take on's Top Ten Fashion Icons?  Who are your Top Fashion Icons?
Ummmmmmmm......I think a RyanChristophers Top Ten Fashion Icons list needs to be created!!!!!!


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  1. Where are the men indeed! Most of these women are dressed by men! Love the list apart from J.Lo, she doesn't quite do it for me!

    Following you too by the way!

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    Sarah XXXX!/burntheblonde

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