September 27, 2010

Designer on the Rise: RECO CHAPPLE

There are so many talented designers that never get that exposure, respect, and accreditation that they should receive and there is definitely one designer that comes to mind, Reco Chapple. Although the exposure, respect, and accreditation is running down his path, a path it should have taken a long time ago, Reco can begin to reap the fruits of his labor. Designing for 10+ years, he is no newcomer to the industry yet it was his placement on Bravo's "The Fashion Show" , hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland, where the world begin to see his face, talent, and personality. There are two most re memorable moments from the show, for me. 1. The challenge where they were given a shoe and had to create a look according to the shoe! Reco was given the YSL Caged Bootie (which I LIVE for) and his creation complemented the shoe very nicely! 2. There was a challenge were he finished waaaay before all the other contestants. He simply decided to take a nap without taking a second look at his creation. When asked, "What are you doing", he says something along the lines of "I'm finished, so I'm taking a Nap!"(PS. I think he won that challenge) This can mistakenly make him seem arrogant, but its just his "larger than life" personality, a personality I have grown quite fond of. Reco didn't take home the Golden Ticket (which I still question); however, he finished 4th in the competition and had an opportunity to create a collection and display on the show.
Here are a few looks from that very collection

Now little over 1 year since the show has aired he has made yet another groundbreaking move in his career!
Reco debuted his SS2011 collection in this just recently passed Fashion Week in New York. It was a Collection that received a standing ovation and a feature in an upcoming Essence Magazine, now we can really say BRAVO!!
As I looked through the collection of gowns I was truly AMAZED!!! These are definitely gowns we will see on the likes of Kerry Washington, Paula Patton, Halle Berry, and the list goes on and on. My personal favorite is the Beaded Strapless Fitted Mermaid Style Dress w/ Ruffle Detailing at the bottom (last dress pictured below)....................can you say EXQUISITE!!!!
Here is a preview of Reco's SS2011 collection from Fashion Week

Now you see why this collection received a standing ovation, it certainly had me standing!!!!!
Check out Video Footage and more pics from Reco's Collection for Fashion Week:


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