September 22, 2010

LORICK: Linear Dawn SS 2011 Presentation

As I entered the LORICK Presentation for SS2011, it confirmed that clothing has a deeper meaning beyond just looking FAB!

"I've seen you, beauty, and you belong to me now, whoever you are waiting for and if I never see you again, I thought. You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil."
                                                                                                  - Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

This is the passage used to introduce LORICK Linear Dawn. "Our LORICK lady recreates her external environment to complement her internal space, instead of letting the outside world dictate her inner dialogue. The collection helps her in this journey by offering a tranquil palette that allows creativity, individuality, and freedom." This is how LORICK describes the collection, which I totally fell in "Fashion Love" with. Each piece in the collection can be layered or draped with one another. LORICK says this gives each LORICK lady the ability to express herself and create her own identity.
The fabric choices were simply PHENOMENAL, which included: Silk, Georgette, Organza, and Chiffon. The fabric choices were complimented by soft colors such as Pink, Grey, and Blue, which is a perfect compliment!

Here is a summary of The Looks.
1. Noida Top in Stone Grey Linen and Cotton Silk, His Short in Stone Grey Silk Organza, Lady Grey Geode Ring
2. The Walking Line Dress in New York Morning silk with silk chiffon overlay, Skinny Bamboo Knit Pants, Lindhardt Cuff.
3. Silk Georgette Tee, Silk Organza Box Square Skirt, The Lake and Stars Lingerie, Lindhardt Ring, Gigi Burris Hat, Silver Lining Opticians Glasses.
4. The Morning Aadya Jacket in Cotton Poplin, The Wood Top in Voyage Print Silk Crepe, The Red Bird Pant Claudia Gray Silk Chiffon, Lacrasia Gloves.
5. Her Space Dress in Voyage Print Silk Crepe, Lady Grey Jewelry
6. The Light Day Dress in Voyage Print Silk Crepe and Claudia Grey Poplin, Lindhardt Jewlrey.
7. The Noida Top in Pink Cotton Voile Plaid, The Metro Skirt in Pink Cotton Voile Plaid, Lady Grey Jewelry.
8. The Vivian Dress in Paste Pink Linen & Chiffon, The Menil Dress in Lady Squares Silk Dupioni, Lindhardt Jewelry.
9. The Betty Parsons Library Dress in Sliver Lining Silk Organza, The Lake and Stars Lingerie, Lady Grey Jewelry.
10. The Claudia Grey Cotton Poplin Tee, The Catfish Short in Claudia Grey Organza, Gigi Burris Hat, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry.
11. The Long Tail Dress in Untitled Blue Cotton Poplin, The Allison's First Jacket in Claudia Grey Cotton Poplin with Silk Organza, Gigi Burris Hat.
12. The Boxcar Dress in Claudia Grey Cotton Poplin with Silk Organza, Keneth Jay Lane Jewelry.
13. The Boyfriend Trench in Claudia Grey Silk Chiffon, Voyage Print Silk Scarf, Gigi Burris Hat, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry.
14. The Natasha Skirt in Claudia Grey Bamboo Knit, The Morning Dress in Voyage Print in Silk Crepe, The Square Day Jacket in Untitled Blue Poplin.
15. The Light Day Dress in Tranquil Green Crinkled Silk Chiffon and Silk and Cotton Poplin, The Red Bird Pant in Khadi Fabric, Bill's Slip in Claudia Grey Silk Habootai, Lindhardt Jewelry.
16. The Final Villager Dress in Sapello River Silk Chiffon, Bevel Jewelry.

Below are a few pictures from the presentation.
Make-Up: TempTu
Hair: Philip Pelusi with Jeffery Reitz and the Tela Beauty Organics
Shoes: Nine West
Jewelry: Lindhardt, Lady Grey, Bevel, Robert Lee Morris
Eyewear: Silver Lining


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