October 04, 2010

Style Talk with Celebrity Stylist Crystal Streets!!!!

Just as this dress she is wearing (pictured above),Celebrity Stylist Crystal Streets (The B. Lynn Group) is simply FABULOUS!! I recently was afforded the opportunity to have a interview with Crystal that I found to be very insightful and genuine. Crystal knows style and  the styling industry. She is willing to share her knowledge, which says alot about who she is.

Crystal has an AMAZING portfolio that includes celebrities such as Rihanna, Ciara, Nia Long, Jamie Foxx, Jay-Z and a host of others.
Of Course working with big names as these, I had to start off by asking, "Crystal how did you get your start?"
"It was definitely a grind.", Crystal explains.

A grind that was well worth it! She begins to explain to how at first she wanted to be a Video Editor, but begin taking classes in Costume Design while attending Clark University in Atlanta, Ga. It's in these classes were she began to see what she was called to do and that was Fashion. She then took a high interest into Fashion........."I used to get these books from my professor", Crystal says. These were books that gave insight to major stylists in New York. Crystal reached out to some of the stylist...."I began stalking them", Crystal says jokingly. She definitely networked the right way because it landed her an assisting styling gig with multi-platinum recording artist Monica. From that gig on she knew that Styling is what she wanted to do. So upon her graduating from Clark and landing an internship with Essence Magazine, Crystal moved to New York. "I graduated on Wednesday and moved that Friday", she explains.

When it comes to personal style, Crystal certainly owns hers. Her favorite designer is Vivienne Westwood, so I asked, "What do her designs embody for you?"
"I love Vivienne Westwood because it does mix the vintage and modern, but I like her more because of her structure, structure in her garments." Crystal says.
She explains how in her personal style she is structured yet feminine. Crystal likes clean hard lines, but will add a feminine color or have an extenuated waist. Crystal begins telling me about a Vivienne Westwood boot that she loves....."I have like four pair of them, I call them my work boots", she explains. The boot, as described, buckle all the way up the shin and are flat, definitely sounds interesting (in a good way). I'm sure she owns whatever she wears because its her. "My style has definitely evolved over the years, like anybody else", she explains. Crystal has always been very driven when it comes to her personal style and tries to make things her own. "Make it your own or you don't need to be wearing it", she explains. Something she goes by herself and also expresses to her clients.
I asked Crystal to finish the sentence....A stylish man should never go without........ "a well tailored suit", she says. This is something that I totally agree on, so fellas go grab a suit, no matter the brand, and get it tailored; however, when you tailor it and wear you better

Crystal has been doing Fabulous things behind the scenes and now she is being placed in the spotlight, as part of the cast of reality/documentary show "HOUSE OF GLAM" premiering on Oxygen!! What can we expect from the show? "Fire", she says. "You get to see the different medians of work. You get to see a photoshoot, you get to see a video, you get to see a runway Fashion Week show, its just so much!! Its a nice mix of hair, makeup, and wardrobe. You just get to see it all!", Crystal explains.
As it relates to her own experience of being a part of this reality/documentary show, she explains how time consuming it was for her. I'm sure time that was well spent. "Whatever took an hour to do, took three hours to do", she says. "I'm so use to going and moving at my own past that once you have cameras in all that involved it becomes a Movie", Crystal also explains. Despite it all ,including the competition within the other stylist, which is sure to add a little drama to the show, it was an experience that she wouldn't take back. This is an experience that we all get to be a part of by watching the show.
"I heard you're affectionately called "The Diva" on the show, why is that", I asked. "I have no idea Ryan, no idea why they would tag me that. I'm so sweet!", she says as we both are in laughter! Crystal explains that people can misunderstand that term and put that term/label on women who are aggressive, know exactly what they want, and have high standards. "I have been aggressive and a go-getter. I just have very high standards on myself, on my clients, on my assistants, on my agency-mates and agent. I have very high standards on people that I love and work with and I usually always rock the boat somehow", she says. That's very powerful people and is a standard that most people should embody. I jokingly say "Well at least your not a self proclaim Diva, we all know they aren't Divas at all." We both laughed on that very true statement. "I'm Fluffy, I think  Fluffy should be my label for the show", Crystal says. I didn't get a sense of either of those terms, I just got a sense of a strong woman who has worked hard, not settling for less, and headed for the height of her career!!

So whats next for Crystal Streets you may ask. "I have alot of things in the works", she says. I wont give any of those things away but I will say that Crystal has a jewelery line, Lyralovestar, that is launching very soon and I cant wait to personally see it! The line is named after her daughter and is an inspirational line for young women encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Crystal is really focused on branding Lyralovestar which is sure to be a Fashion Must Have. "What advice can you give people who may want to follow in your career footsteps and pursue their dreams", I asked.
"Try to assist. I spent two years assisting, I think people lose sight of that. Younger people today want everything right now and that's not how I got it. That's not how most people who are really successful has gotten to where they are. I think that's because we live in this whole American Idol, where you receive the reward faster but assisting is so essential", Crystal says. Y'all may need to read that again.....that's powerful!!! So to everyone out there, don't be afraid to assist and learn the business. Crystal made an excellent point so take heed, I sure have!!!

Check Crystal Out:

Be sure to catch Crystal Streets on "HOUSE OF GLAM" premiering Oct. 5th on Oxygen 11pm/10c.


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