September 27, 2010

Designer on the Rise: RECO CHAPPLE

There are so many talented designers that never get that exposure, respect, and accreditation that they should receive and there is definitely one designer that comes to mind, Reco Chapple. Although the exposure, respect, and accreditation is running down his path, a path it should have taken a long time ago, Reco can begin to reap the fruits of his labor. Designing for 10+ years, he is no newcomer to the industry yet it was his placement on Bravo's "The Fashion Show" , hosted by Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland, where the world begin to see his face, talent, and personality. There are two most re memorable moments from the show, for me. 1. The challenge where they were given a shoe and had to create a look according to the shoe! Reco was given the YSL Caged Bootie (which I LIVE for) and his creation complemented the shoe very nicely! 2. There was a challenge were he finished waaaay before all the other contestants. He simply decided to take a nap without taking a second look at his creation. When asked, "What are you doing", he says something along the lines of "I'm finished, so I'm taking a Nap!"(PS. I think he won that challenge) This can mistakenly make him seem arrogant, but its just his "larger than life" personality, a personality I have grown quite fond of. Reco didn't take home the Golden Ticket (which I still question); however, he finished 4th in the competition and had an opportunity to create a collection and display on the show.
Here are a few looks from that very collection

Now little over 1 year since the show has aired he has made yet another groundbreaking move in his career!
Reco debuted his SS2011 collection in this just recently passed Fashion Week in New York. It was a Collection that received a standing ovation and a feature in an upcoming Essence Magazine, now we can really say BRAVO!!
As I looked through the collection of gowns I was truly AMAZED!!! These are definitely gowns we will see on the likes of Kerry Washington, Paula Patton, Halle Berry, and the list goes on and on. My personal favorite is the Beaded Strapless Fitted Mermaid Style Dress w/ Ruffle Detailing at the bottom (last dress pictured below)....................can you say EXQUISITE!!!!
Here is a preview of Reco's SS2011 collection from Fashion Week

Now you see why this collection received a standing ovation, it certainly had me standing!!!!!
Check out Video Footage and more pics from Reco's Collection for Fashion Week:
September 24, 2010

Gucci Womens SS2011!!!!!

On Wednesday, September 22nd, Gucci presented the Women's SS2011 collection in Milan, which in my opinion is a SPECTACULAR collection. Using colors such as Orange, Gold, Green, Purple and Turquoise certainly added a vibrantness to the collection, which is great for the Spring. The Collection also featured very neutral tone colors as well, such as Khaki and Beige. The collection also has the simplicity that I LOVE but also features more daring pieces that I LOVE just as much. Of Course the detailing in some of the pieces were absolutely PHENOMENAL, which something I always pay close attention to!!!



Very Chic!!!! Leave your Fashion Thoughts!!!!
September 23, 2010
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September 22, 2010
As I entered the LORICK Presentation for SS2011, it confirmed that clothing has a deeper meaning beyond just looking FAB!

"I've seen you, beauty, and you belong to me now, whoever you are waiting for and if I never see you again, I thought. You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencil."
                                                                                                  - Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

This is the passage used to introduce LORICK Linear Dawn. "Our LORICK lady recreates her external environment to complement her internal space, instead of letting the outside world dictate her inner dialogue. The collection helps her in this journey by offering a tranquil palette that allows creativity, individuality, and freedom." This is how LORICK describes the collection, which I totally fell in "Fashion Love" with. Each piece in the collection can be layered or draped with one another. LORICK says this gives each LORICK lady the ability to express herself and create her own identity.
The fabric choices were simply PHENOMENAL, which included: Silk, Georgette, Organza, and Chiffon. The fabric choices were complimented by soft colors such as Pink, Grey, and Blue, which is a perfect compliment!

Here is a summary of The Looks.
1. Noida Top in Stone Grey Linen and Cotton Silk, His Short in Stone Grey Silk Organza, Lady Grey Geode Ring
2. The Walking Line Dress in New York Morning silk with silk chiffon overlay, Skinny Bamboo Knit Pants, Lindhardt Cuff.
3. Silk Georgette Tee, Silk Organza Box Square Skirt, The Lake and Stars Lingerie, Lindhardt Ring, Gigi Burris Hat, Silver Lining Opticians Glasses.
4. The Morning Aadya Jacket in Cotton Poplin, The Wood Top in Voyage Print Silk Crepe, The Red Bird Pant Claudia Gray Silk Chiffon, Lacrasia Gloves.
5. Her Space Dress in Voyage Print Silk Crepe, Lady Grey Jewelry
6. The Light Day Dress in Voyage Print Silk Crepe and Claudia Grey Poplin, Lindhardt Jewlrey.
7. The Noida Top in Pink Cotton Voile Plaid, The Metro Skirt in Pink Cotton Voile Plaid, Lady Grey Jewelry.
8. The Vivian Dress in Paste Pink Linen & Chiffon, The Menil Dress in Lady Squares Silk Dupioni, Lindhardt Jewelry.
9. The Betty Parsons Library Dress in Sliver Lining Silk Organza, The Lake and Stars Lingerie, Lady Grey Jewelry.
10. The Claudia Grey Cotton Poplin Tee, The Catfish Short in Claudia Grey Organza, Gigi Burris Hat, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry.
11. The Long Tail Dress in Untitled Blue Cotton Poplin, The Allison's First Jacket in Claudia Grey Cotton Poplin with Silk Organza, Gigi Burris Hat.
12. The Boxcar Dress in Claudia Grey Cotton Poplin with Silk Organza, Keneth Jay Lane Jewelry.
13. The Boyfriend Trench in Claudia Grey Silk Chiffon, Voyage Print Silk Scarf, Gigi Burris Hat, Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelry.
14. The Natasha Skirt in Claudia Grey Bamboo Knit, The Morning Dress in Voyage Print in Silk Crepe, The Square Day Jacket in Untitled Blue Poplin.
15. The Light Day Dress in Tranquil Green Crinkled Silk Chiffon and Silk and Cotton Poplin, The Red Bird Pant in Khadi Fabric, Bill's Slip in Claudia Grey Silk Habootai, Lindhardt Jewelry.
16. The Final Villager Dress in Sapello River Silk Chiffon, Bevel Jewelry.

Below are a few pictures from the presentation.
Make-Up: TempTu
Hair: Philip Pelusi with Jeffery Reitz and the Tela Beauty Organics
Shoes: Nine West
Jewelry: Lindhardt, Lady Grey, Bevel, Robert Lee Morris
Eyewear: Silver Lining
September 21, 2010

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September 20, 2010

Hernan Lander SS2011 (MBFW2010)

As I approached the rooftop of the Empire Hotel I literally got fashion chills of pure excitement for what I was about to see and I LIVED for what I saw!!!! So I decided that not only would I share a few pictures of what I saw but I would give you a description of each look presented by Hernan Lander for his SS2011 collection.


1. Power net mesh yellow print dress with black mesh.
2. Supreme stretch dutchess satin off white skirt, heavy matt jersey off-white sleeveless jacket.
3. Power net yellow print jacket, mesh black tank top, power net black leggings.
4. Heavy matt jersey off-white dress with power net detail.
5. Wax cotton trench coat, power net black and white dress.
6. Mechanic power net print yellow dress.
7. Mesh and power net top, power net black and white skirt.
8. Linen oversized jacket, silk off-white T-shirt, power net black jeans.
9. Yellow power net skirt, black knitted top.
10. Heavy matt jersey off-white sleeveless jacket with power net detail, nylon black 3/4 pants.
11. Black and White power net jacket, asymmetric black and yellow print skirt.
12. Matt jersey yellow tank top, off-white organic cotton pants.
13. Wax off-white vest, black mesh tank top, heavy matt jersey long off-white skirt.
14. Long cardigan, black mesh tank top, power net white leggings.
15. Power net satin faced draped top, print asymmetric power net skirt.
16. Yellow print power net mesh dress.
17. Long satin faced organza shirt, black matt jersey pants.
18. Black and white top, light matt jersey yellow print dress.
19. Long black mesh gown in matt jersey.
20. Black and white power net long dress.

As you can see in these descriptions and as well in the pictures (below), Hernan's main color choices were Black, White, and Yelllow!! As you look at the pictures (below) it is TRULY the detailing in some of the pieces that send you to a Fashion Heaven!!
PS. I tried to get as close as possible so you can see the detailing!!! Enjoy!!!
Shoes by Hernan Lander!
Hair provided by Aridio Garcia for Aridio Salon!
Makeup provided by Orlando Santiago for Make Up For Ever Alliance!
September 15, 2010
Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder is such a cliche statement right, but in the case of fashion photographer Shameer Khan this cliche statement became all so true!!
Shameer Khan found a very rare Beauty a Beauty that some would say isn't Beautiful and that Beauty came in the form of Ms. Diandra Forrest!! I recently saw a ABC News clip of this rare gem. Diandra is an Albino and grew up being tormented and teased because she was different from all the other kids. Yes Diandra was very different, so different that one normal day while walking down 34th street she was stopped by Shameer Khan. Khan says, "There was something specific that I wanted to do with her because I knew she was a special girl and we both worked towards achieving that." Khan presented Diandra to the agencies when he felt she was ready. Diandra is now signed with Elite Model Management and has a very promising career ahead of her, one that has already began more than a year ago!!
Diandra gets the last laugh!!! HAHAHAHA to those kids of her past!!!

September 07, 2010

Tracy Reese

Although I'm not attending her presentation in the upcoming Fashion Week, I'm still a die hard Tracy Reese fan! This is why I have to pay some type of homage to this wonderful designer. A native of Detroit, Tracy has flourished in the Fashion Industry since her collection launch in 1998.  Now 12 years and 48 seasons later, Tracy has three brands (one which launched in 98 as well):  The Tracy Reese Collection, Plenty by Tracy Reese, Frock by Tracy Reese, also Plenty by Tracy Reese for Keds.....a collaboration that was made for a line of footwear.

As I browsed through pics ( of her Pre-Spring 2011 collection, I was thoroughly amazed (as if I would be expect anything less)!! First I have to say that I love the color palates she has chosen for the collection. Safflower, Crimson, Navy, and Camel were my favorite color choices among the collection. There were a few pieces that seemed to be safari inspired, such as a camel color 4 pocket skirt, that I fell completely head over "fashion" heels for. I love the femininity of the collection as a whole and the mixing of prints was simply superb!! The collection mixes floral with stripes, plaid with floral, and my ABSOLUTE favorite mix..... leopard with sailor stripes (TRULY AMAZING)!!!

I leave you with a picture of two gowns from The Tracy Reese Collection Spring '09!
P.S. I cant wait to dress someone in one of  her gowns!! Its soon to come!!
September 03, 2010
Two very gifted individuals collaborated together on their senior project at Parsons School of Design, this collaboration brought upon a Brand/Label that I describe as Romantic, Sophisticated, Feminine, Classic, and Stylish. The collaboration also received a nomination for "Designer of the Year Award" presented by Parson's. Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon (pictured above) are the masterminds behind BENSONI. I have become an instant fan of this Brand/Label for it exudes everything that I live for when it comes to Style, not to mention that this partnership includes an African American.
Benjamin and Sonia have apprenticed under major Brands/Labels such as Donna Karan, Gap, Giorgio Armani, and Brioni.
As I looked through the collection (, I immediately became a fan of the use of plaid and the mix of using plaids with different prints, as well as the use of greens, golds, khakis, and purple for these are the leading colors for the new Fall Season that's right around the corner!!! Their very intricate detailing, such as drapery and the use of ruffles, really put me in a Fashion Trance! This is definitely a Brand/Label that will have a long and successful career since its Launch in Spring 2007.
They have had press in many MAJOR publications, such as:
*Vogue Japan
*Marie Claire
*VS Magazine
*Harpers Bazaar
Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are among the many celebrities that have been spotted in Bensoni designs!!

BESONI will be presenting their SS2011 Line in the upcoming New York Fashion Week!!!
                                                                                                      (Days Away!)